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2023 - Infest


2022 -  Ciquita






             Design Postcards from Edinburgh

Portraits - John Lennon

                    Miriam Leone

2021 - Zack 1/2/3

            Piece Of Mind


            Vital Signs

            The Memory Remains




            Eddie T. H.

            A Change Of Season


            Storm (copy)

Portraits - Adele

                    Chandler Bing ( Matthew Perry ) 

2020 - Ghost Town 

             The Mandalorian

             Batman (copy)

             Wolverine (copy)

             Dare Devil (copy)

             Magneto (copy)

             Spiderman (copy)

             Gentle Change

             The Last Laugh

             The Flesh And the Power It Holds


             Stranger In  A Strange Land

             Think About You

             Lifting Shadows Of A Dream

             She Wolf

             Ugolino And His Sons ( detail of Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux's Sculpture )

             Ratto Di Proserpina ( detail of Gian Lorenzo Bernini's Sculpture )

  Portraits - Eric Draven ( Brandon Lee )

2019 - Never Enough


            Raging Waters

2018 - King Of The Kill

             Innocent Eyes

             Together As One

2017 - Risng Again

            Beneath The Surface

  Portrait - Bruce Lee

2016 - Alone In The Dark

            The Sound Of Perseverance

            Gemini ( Saint Seiya )

            Killing I s My Business


  Portraits - David Gilmour

                      Colombo ( Peter Falk )

                      Clint Eastwood

                      Joker ( Heath Ledger )

                      Igor ( Marty Feldman )
                      Jack Nicholson

2015 - Circle Of Light

            Expect The Unexpected

            Into The Pit

            Fade To Black


  Portraits - Stan Laurel

                      Oliver Hardy

                      Fester ( Chrystopher Lloyd )

                      Dracula ( Gary Oldman )

                      Leslie Nielsen

2014 - Headlong

             Don't Speak

             Bad Omen

             Only A Matter Of Time



             Night Comes Down

             Don't Tread On Me

             The Dance Of Eternity

             The Rite Of Spring

             Where The River Flows


  Portraits - Bud Spencer ( Carlo Pedersoli )

                      A Skeleton In The Closet ( Beatles ) 

                     Bruce Willis

2013 - The Delicate Sound Of Thunder

            Somewhere Out In Space

            Crystal Mountain


            Poison Was The Cure

  Portrait - The Ecstasy Of Gold

2012 - Coast To Coast
            Creeping Death
            Rapid Fire

            See Me Burning

  Portraits - James Heitfield

                      Robert Trujillo

                      Lars Ulrich

                      Groucho Marx

                      Benny Hill ( Alfred Hawthorne Hill )

2011 - Liquid Lightning


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